Dena Yago

Dena Yago

The Lusting Breed:

  • Pressed wool, dyed with natural materials and cut with pressurized wate
  • Reflect ways women work
  • Contemporary technique
  • Large display methods

In Escrow:

  • Follows real estate themes
  • In light of my own project, I admire the photography skill, the abstract contemporary feel, the way this technique could be manipulated to reflect dreams in relation to life and memory
  • The subject is simplified, similar to Christoph Niemann’s illustrations, then built up again in another form (in this case, human form)

Lands End:

  • Again with the simplicity expanded
  • Love the idea of hanging simple, metaphorical pieces on a chain and photographing

You and Your people:

  • Using jaunty letters to convey a message


We Killed the Bear:

  • Photography displayed on relevant or contrasting materials (for my concept, this could be a bed)


Human Applause:

  • Simplified elements hung across phrases


A Car Driven Topless Taken One:

  • Pattern making on sheets
  • Gives me the idea to sleep in paint on sheets and see what patterns I create when dreaming
  • These could be used to enhance another, more relevant piece