Déjà Vu and Dreams

Deja Vu

  • Already seen
  • A strong sense that something has already bee experienced in the past
  • Familiarity
  • Recollection

Deja-Vu / Pia Mannikko / Galería: http://monografico.tumblr.com/post/36310409797/pia-mannikko-deja-vu-2008-11:

  • Anomaly of memory
  • The sense of recollection is strong, but the circumstances of the previous experience are uncertain or potentially impossible
  • The event, or a similar one, could have been dreamed about and forgotten until someone is mysteriously reminded of it while awake.

Dreams and Deja Vu

  • Real places (the home, an office) are rarely accurately portrayed in a dream
  • “I was at my mother’s house, but it didn’t look anything like her house, I just knew where I was…”
  • Feeling of familiarity
  • The definition of deja vu, recognising a a situation without any clear memory of why or where from, is likely to occur during dreaming
  • People with higher dream recall also report more deja vu frequencies
  • Dreaming may promote creation of false memories

Understanding Deja Vu - http://themindsjournal.com/understanding-deja-vu/:

  • Helps answer my concept question by considering relevant areas and additional connections between life and dreams