Plan for Newcastle

Great Northern Museum:

  • Planetarium – dreams happen at night


  • Find things that relate to daily life – every day objects

The Baltic Centre:

  • Rodney Graham: That’s Not Me – research photography/film skills

Paddler_Rodney Graham BALTIC.jpg

The Biscuit Factory:

  • Simon Conolly – clay ceramics, new technique I could experiment with

An Ascent of Doves, 61cmx33cm, 480_420190312

  • Darren Mundy – dream like paintings, research technique and artist’s concept

HEADING HOME, 51x51cm, acrylic on panel, 700

  • Midori Takaki – ceramic research, faces, innovative characters

Midori Takaki, Angel with wings 285, 13.5cm W, 21.0 H, 9.0 D, Stoneware and porcelain Website_566551917

  • Ben Davies-Jenkins – technique, could be used to represent dreams using filters

In a New Light 38cm x 38cm charcoal and acrylic on glass £440_442671375