Religion and Dreams

Religion and Dreams

Some religions believe:

  • Dreams have been interpreted as being a source of power
  • Understanding and communicating with the dead
  • Dreams are portals to the spirit world
  • Religious ideas came from dreams – identify the sacred, gain access to sacred realms or portals to the supernatural
  • An encounter with a different realm

mood B:

  • Buddhism – sleepless dreaming, achieving a particular mental state before going to sleep, having visions, meditation

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  • Islam – showing a prosperous future, motivate them into moral or spiritual development and warning them of impending dangers, they live by their dreams, believe it is an insight to truth that is not accessible in waking reality


Recent Research

  • Religious ideas emerge from dreams
  • A portal to the supernatural
  • Greater reality than waking
  • Because deceased ancestors appeared so frequently in dreams of the people ancestor reverence and worship emerged as one of the earliest of mankind’s religious rituals.
  • Similarly, animals important to the tribe or clan also very often appeared in dreams and interacted with the dreamer and so arose various forms of ritual animal worship.

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