Life Drawing Reflective


Feelings and analysis:

  • This week’s life drawing surrounded the idea of self evaluation – looking back at my work and identifying the areas that need to be improved upon.
  • The workshop also surrounded a peer’s suggesting on how to improve. My suggestion from Lauren was to use another medium other than pastels. With this in mind, I chose to work with charcoal and watercolour. I often work in watercolour, so I felt comfortable with this, however, I hadn’t ever created life drawings in watercolour. I was unsure how the colours would blend and run down the page with it being stood vertically instead of laying flat on a table, and also which marks suited life drawing, so I was happy to experiment.


What went well/badly:

  • Focusing on self reflection was familiar to me due to these reflective journals, however, having a visual worksheet with the reflective areas split up on made the premise so much clearer and more useful.
  • I found that I liked the way the water colours ran into each other and created a tonal blend. This began in the second image with the blues and hints of green. I took this further into the next piece and used more colours and tried to enhance the blending. However, I believe I added too much water in the third piece because it often dripped down, meaning I lost control of the blend. This was both successful and not. Although I think it looks okay, it wasn’t the way I intended.

What have I learned, how will it help me in the future:

  • Self reflection will help me in all aspects of my future creative career – knowing how to improve myself and noting areas that have or haven’t worked is an essential skill in the creative industry. I will take these skills from this workshop and the reflective journal process into the next stage of my life.
  • With more practice in water colour life drawings, I hope to be able to understand more about the medium, giving me more control of the blends and drips. This will improve my general work with water colour.