• Often responds to psychology (this could link to dreams)
  • Experiments with different styles
  • The two pieces below stand out to me as they almost represent our subconscious mind alongside our conscious mind.
  • In the hands piece, I interpret the drawn hands to be the real hands, and the ink hands to be the subconscious mind.
  • In the second image, I interpret the image to portray the subconscious mind trying to escape – perhaps through the form of dreams.
  • I relate these pieces to dreams due to the wishy-washy pale tones used, alongside the knowledge that the artist often works in response to psychology.
  • I thought these images could reflect the conscious/subconscious mind too.
  • The first image could present an alter ego, which could perhaps be the subconscious mind reflected in the dreams we have.
  • Similar to the works above, I interpret the second piece to mimic the subconscious mind trying to escape, which could be in the form of dreams.
  • The below images could be characterisations of the subconscious mind, or the dreaming mind.
  • The characters are weird, doll-like, and creepy, which to me indicates the idea of nightmares.
  • The final image is an abstract line drawing I like. It gives me ideas to extend my own line drawings into something so free, while also capturing movement.