Newcastle Trip

The Great Northern Museum:


  • Fear, nightmares
  • A dream of this shark could come from experiencing fear of it from a film, or in a museum
  • Made out of plastic, life sized, realistic
  • Create big scale, nightmarish things and explain how the nightmare came from daily life


Hadrian’s wall, trees:

  • Walking through a woods in a nightmare, seeing spooky figures, unable to run, common dream
  • Plastic, life sized, realistic
  • Create a nightmare scene, real life sized
  • Put the dream into daily life – creating the opposite of my concept


  • Use of lights, create shadows on the ceiling, adds a creepy, nightmare element
  • Plastic, life sized
  • Experiment with lights, effects of lights, lights commonly seen in dreams or nightmares



  • Intimidating, similar concept to Hadrian’s wall trees
  • Large, nightmarish
  • Create an intimidating exhibition, shock factor


Sea jar:

  • Reminiscent of BFG dream jars
  • Glass and rubber
  • Create own dream jars, mix of materials



  • Masks in nightmares or in dreams in general
  • Do they come from masks we have seen in the day, or have we made them up?
  • Create own nightmare, horror mask

Infinity plaque:

  • Plaque depicting the section of the exhibition
  • Gold, glitter paint
  • Illustrations relevant to the concept
  • Create plaque for my own exhibition – dreams

The Baltic Centre:

Rodney Graham:

  • Uses self in photography – makes it personal, real, true, relatable
  • Uses light box behind photographs to make them stand out, glow, illuminate – this was really effective and inspires me to use light in my own exhibition to make it stand out
  • Subtle message conveyed, while also being aesthetically pleasing

Holly Hendry:

  • Layers of meterials showing a cross section
  • Could use a similar technique to show the layers of dreams between daiy life to the dream itself

Infinity stair case:

  • Explains fear of looking down (fearing death) and looking up
  • Imitates feeling of vertigo
  • Could use the idea to display fear of nightmares – more research needed


The Biscuit Gallery:

  • Advertisement – dreams, sleep


  • Patterns, dreamlike, idea of swirling into sleep
  • Door handles, interactive, idea ot make exhibition interactive
  • Dream illustrations, nightmares
  • Ceramics, dreams in everyday objects – dream jars


  • Interactive wood sculptures
  • Create moving, interactive piece
  • Textiles
  • Painterly style, felting embroidered details, dream scene
  • Realistic ceramics


  • Dream jars


  • Holly Hendry’s layers in pot form
  • Dream layers