Analysing Past Students’ Blogs Reflective


Feelings and analysis:

  • Analysing past students’ blogs was difficult because it was hard to compare the grading criteria to their blog – the blogs were hard to go through in terms of finding the necessary parts to meet the criteria.
  • I found it was easy to be critical of the blogs, however, as they were students I did not know, therefore had no emotional connection to them so could be fairly harsh.

What went well/badly:

  • It was difficult to find specific areas of the criteria in the blogs, as elements were often hidden or unclear. This makes me wonder how much an examiner would really go through our blog, which highlights to me that my blog needs to be simpler, clearer and more visual.
  • It was also difficult to understand how much breadth or detail was necessary for a distinction.
  • I found it easy to find the areas were some students feel down in, whether because such elements were unclear and I had therefore missed them, or whether they were simply not there.

What have I learnt, how will it help me in the future:

  • Noting the difficulties of going through the student’s blogs and highlighting the need for a clear, visual blog has encouraged me to problem solve my own blog and to go back through it over Easter and ensure that the necessary elements are clear and understandable. If they are hidden, they will be missed, meaning that I could potentially miss out on the grade I desire.
  • I also found that some student’s reflective journals were lacking either practical or theoretical reflection and evaluation. Noting this made me consider whether I reflect on both of these things when it is necessary to do so, and has therefore encouraged me to ensure that I do so in the future.