Feedback From Alex Reflective


  • The ideas I received from Alex were:
    • Find more primary research, perhaps more questionnaires
    • Try putting my ideas into 3D – sculpture?
    • Attempt film creation – of someone sleeping/dreaming, make a story board
    • Develop the dream catcher ideas more
    • Consider pattern creation from the image of veins in the eyelid of someone who is ‘dream deprived’
    • Try tie-dyeing


What went well/badly:

  • The ideas I received from Alex were useful because I had actually researched a block in my developmental process. Having a fresh insight into my concept and work so far helped me understand the successful and unsuccessful ideas or pieces – highlighting which areas I could push further and how to do so.
  • Alex also stated that my blog needs to have more in depth visuals to make my development pieces clearer and more understandable. From this, I know that I need to upload a selection of images from my sketchbook which are not yet on my blog. This will show the development of ideas I have had.

What have I learnt, how will it help me in the future:

  • Having another opinion on my concept and how I can push it further technically has given me many additional ideas for development pieces. Doing the above listed experiments will expand my practical skills and push my concept and project further.
  • Knowing that my blog needs more in depth visuals, alongside the understanding that my blog needs to be really visual for examiners to clearly understand my thought processes and development, has encouraged me more to go back through my blog and add in the necessary images to ensure my ideas are clear. This will ensure my grade is the best it can be, as no technical work is missed.