Student Tutorial Reflective

How did you feel about the event?

  • I found grading a peer’s blog hard. It was difficult to find the necessary elements as that involved much reading – which there wasn’t time for. It was also hard grading someone who I actually knew. To problem solve this, I tried to pretend the blog belonged to someone outside of the college, and concluded ways in which it could be improved.
  • I was provided with many new ideas from a fresh perspective when receiving feedback from my own blog, which overall will be beneficial for my development work. Areas that I am required to improve upon were highlighted.

What went well and what went badly?

  • I believe I failed to complete the task correctly, in that I predicted Alex’s grades for each element. I noted that if he kept going as he was, he would achieve well, rather than grading him on his blog as it stands now.
  • It was insightful to see another student’s blog and to see their project develop and grow. This has given me ideas for my own blog, while I also feel a competitiveness and a motivation to continue pushing myself, in the same way that they are in their blog.

What have you learnt and how will it help you in future?

  • I have been provided with many additional elements and ideas for research and development within my concept. I believe gaining a fresh perspective on my concept will benefit me in the future as it has encouraged me to continue and has overall pushed my concept along.
  • Analysing another student’s blog was useful in understanding improvement areas. It has improved my analytical skills and knowledge on what needs to be done to succeed.