Easter List


  • Dream therapy, hypnotherapy
  • Lucid dreaming for solving problems
  • Questionnaire – people’s worries, are they reflected in their dreams? Have their dreams helped them in any way?
  • Common nightmares in children – how they help children develop
  • Children’s nursery rhymes – is there a connection between the cynical rhymes and children’s nightmares? Are they used to encourage the nightmares, to encourage development?
  • Case studies of extreme examples of PTSD and their dreams (phantom limb, people who have been kidnapped, locked away)
  • Interview with Mum about her stress dreams regarding her stressful birth with my brother, do they help her with the issue or not let her move on?
  • Psychiatry, African witch doctors
  • Amsterdam – hallucinogenics, are they prescribed in other countries to stimulate dreams which may help overcome issues
  • Damien Hirst (pharmacy)
  • Illustration styles
  • Chapman Brothers


  • Illustrations of dreams
  • Experiment with Alice and Wonderland scales
  • Take common helping dreams & create object that symbolises it
  • Photography with mini figures
  • Dreams inside unconventional objects – supermarkets, jars (BFG), acorn, conker
  • Visuals for all research pieces
  • Develop dream catcher ideas, experiment with fitting with conclusion – catch bad dreams that don’t help people solve their problems?
  • Try tie-dying, dream like patterns, develop into sculpture