Developing my Concept Question Reflective

Feelings and analysis:

  • This tutorial with Sorrel was necessary to confirm and expand on some of my ideas for concluding my concept question.
  • My concluded concept question for the reason why there is a relationship between daily life and dreams is that dreams help us to overcome problems in our lives. This can be in terms of the dreams people who suffer from PTSD have, which are a way of helping the person overcome the issue, or the dreams (nightmares) children have to enable them to grow up. Each element of this will be researched and developed into visual pieces, expanding my concept and pushing my project forward.

What went well/badly:

  • Sorrel and I discussed potential research elements that will lead to development pieces. These included;
    • Dream therapy, hypnotherapy
    • Lucid dreaming – how this is used as therapy
    • Primary research into people’s worries in dreams
    • Common dreams in children – how nightmares help children develop/come to terms with changes – scary nursery rhymes (are they to encourage the nightmares to promote development)
    • Extreme examples, people with PTSD (Mum), phantom limb, have dreams helped them cope or not let them move on?
    • Psychiatry, African witch doctors
    • Prescription dreams – hallucinogenics, Damien Hirst (pharmacy)
    • Dreams inside unconventional objects to encourage dreams to help problems – supermarkets, jars (BFG), acorn, conker
  • This tutorial was really successful for the ideas listed above. Having an additional input into my concept conclusion has really helped push my ideas forward.

What I have learned and how it will help me in the future:

  • I have been presented with many research aspects surrounding my conclusion that will be developed into visual pieces. This will help improve my project quality.
  • In addition, this tutorial has again showed the importance of discussing ideas with someone else. Doing this provides new insights and can stimulate many new ideas. I have found that this has been really successful and I now feel motivated and inspired following this tutorial.