Research – How Do Dreams Help Overcome Problems?

Solving Problems in Our Dreams

  • The key to making important discoveries in our dreams is gaining lucidity – lucid dreaming
  • Lucid dreaming can be used as therapy – children can be taught how to get out of their nightmares through lucid dreaming
  • Lucid dreaming can function as a kind of cognitive behavioural therapy
  • It has been employed by many psychologists for severe obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD can be cured by dreams?)
  • Lucid dreaming can help desensitize the trigger

She could just will them out of existence, but she chooses to be meticulous. Not sure of where her powers send them. Maybe she tries to kill

Can Our Dreams Solve Problems While We Sleep

  • You can dream about your problems if you plan to dream about them

Eiko Ojala - POCKO:

  • Carlyle Smith, 2013; “Can healthy, young adults uncover personal details of unknown target individuals in their dreams?”
  • Smith’s Study
  • Smith found people could dream details about a person from only seeing a picture of the person and intending to dream of the person (telepathy?)
  • “Young, healthy adults are capable of dreaming details about the personal problems of an unknown individual simply by examining a picture of the target and then planning to dream about that individual’s problems.” (Smith, 2013)

Why Do We Dream?

  • Deirdre Barrett – had college students pick a homework problem to try and solve in a dream, by the end of the week, a quarter had dreamed the answer

Dreaming and Problem Solving