Tutorial List Reflective


From reading my tutorial listed on the blog, I can extend my original Easter to do list with the following points. The list, written by my tutors, has helped improve and extend my original list by stating the essentials of what I really need to do to push my project forward. With this in mind, I feel confident and motivated to continue through the list below, with some additions from my previous list, to move towards the final piece stage.

  • Research points to back up my¬†condensed version of my concept (how dreams help overcome problems in our lives). Find some Harvard referenced quotes a statistics.
  • Research dream therapy, and attempt it myself.
  • Research nightmares in young children.
  • Research nursery rhymes and the links to children’s nightmares.
  • Research case studies of dreams people have when someone is grieving or have had a trauma. Find primary examples – illustrate the dreams people tell me.
  • Research post traumatic shock and the links to dreams.
  • Research Jung and Freud.
  • Explore the idea of ‘The BFG’ idea of dreams in jars and getting a prescription for a certain dream.
  • Research Damien Hurt pharmacy instillation.
  • Explore ways dreams could be given to help (in tins in a supermarket, acorns on a tree).
  • Research Thomas Hetherwicks seed tower.
  • Illustrate a series of dreams, perhaps in a childlike style to communicate message.
  • Research ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and idea of hidden adult themes.
  • Research current children’s illustrators (the children’s novel used in ‘Lights Out’, the one repeated in ‘Legion’ too)
  • Create objects that feature in common dreams, children’s dreams, to go in a room or a space?