Lionel Gallery – Amsterdam

Banksy prints:

  • Street art – could be innovative way to express my concept
  • Witty, hidden message – technique could be used for my own work, adding depth and mystery to reflect the concept of dreams


  • Surrealism – linking to my surrealist concept
  • Favourite piece was the hand, larger than life, could be seen as a symbol for God – picking out the dreams he wishes us to have? Consider religious side of dreams

Damien Hirst prints:

  • Uses simplism in the Mickey Mouse print, easily recognisable and understandable, could use a similar technique for my illustrations of dreams


  • I like the technique and blend of colours/use of mark making. Reminds me of the work by Annie Coxey in the Brewery Arts Centre.
  • Could experiment with the technique of not properly blending colours in an abstract way to convey my concept.