Lucid Dreaming For Coping Research

Lucid dreaming – you’re in control

  • Allows you to create an interior locus of control (the use of the words interior and control here inspires a potential final piece design, surrounding the idea of manipulating interior spaces – having control, perhaps it could be interactive with the audience to communicate they are in control of allowing dreams to help them cope)
  • ‘Allows the person to enter their subconscious thoughts and deal with them in their own way’
  • Can be used as an escape from the real world, helping the person cope with the negatives of the real world as they can create their own, positive world in their lucid dream




  • “We have more control over reality than we think”
  • Lucid dreaming can be a medium for self expression


These research pieces have inspired various development pieces. For example, the first one stems from the idea of an interactive interior space that can be manipulated by the audience (the ‘dreamer’). This would communicate the idea that the dreamer is able to create their own surrounding interiors, to manipulate their own world, in a way to help them overcome problems in the real world.

The second works with the idea of lucid dreaming being an alternative medium for self expression. The piece could be an abstract piece created during my own lucid dreams. Perhaps made by lying in paint on white bed sheets and displaying the patterns that are created. The patterns could be made into a scene that reflects the interior space I created for myself during my lucid dream. I like this idea but it fails to communicate my conclusion.