Damien Hirst – Pharmacy

Damien Hirst, ‘Pharmacy’ 1992

Tate – Damien Hirst

  • Room sized instillation
  • Apothecary bottles (like those seen in the Kendal museum)
  • Uses medicines and drugs as a way of ‘altering perception’
  • This links to my concept in the sense that dreams are an alternate perception of reality
  • ‘For Hirst, medicine, like art, provides a belief system which is both seductive and illusory’
  • ‘I can’t understand why some people believe completely in medicine and not in art, without questioning either’ (quoted in Damien Hirst, p.9)
  • This makes me ask the question, why do some people believe completely in medicine and therapy without questioning the dreams?
  • The apothecary bottles blend old and new pharmacies together, while also adding fun elements into a serious piece.
  • I like the idea of using large apothecary bottles in an instillation piece, perhaps focusing on the idea of prescribing dreams to help people, in the same way medicines are prescribed to help people.