‘Alice and Wonderland’

  • ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is commonly considered in relation to dreams due to its fantastical and obscure elements.


  • Here, I am focusing on the scale used in the films in relation to dreams and lucid dreaming.
  • I find ‘Alice and Wonderland’ almost hallucinogenic, as though the characters are taking the viewer through strange trips in imagination. Scale plays a big part in this at it enhances the unrealisticness of it.


  • I take inspiration from these films to perhaps create something that combines the idea of small figures and larger, impactful dreams.
  • This could take the form of a detailed illustration or even an instillation, similar to ‘Pharmacy’ by Damien Hirst.


Hidden adult themes (symbolisation):

Hidden themes

  • Symbolisation provides the basis for dream therapy and dream analysis.
  • It is featured frequently in the ‘Alice and Wonderland’ films and, as the article above states, helps reflect the dark transition between childhood and adulthood.
  • I could use hidden themes or symbolisation in my own project to help translate the idea of nightmares in children – the power of nursery rhymes to encourage psychological growth in children.