Thomas Hetherwick – Seed Cathedral

Hetherwick Studio – Seed Cathedral

  • Simplicity and clarity
  • A manifestation of its content
  • Explores the relationship between cities and nature and the significance of plants to human health, economic success and social change
  • The building and the sky merge into one
  • Plays with the light and how natural light changes throughout the day
  • Atmospheric
  • The image of the Union Jack appears within the hairs of the structure
  • I find inspiration from this monumental instillation by Hetherwick. Discluding the information researched above, the piece could be interpreted in many ways. If I ignore the significance of nature and humanity in this piece, I could interpret it to reflect cloud-like dreams – dreams that can be touched and admired. I could see the piece and a large dream room – perhaps the viewer enters the space and chooses a dream to help them through their problems. This inspires some ideas for my final piece, evolving around the idea of prescribed dreams and creating an instillation where the viewer can enter the space and pick a dream.