Counting Development Posts Reflective


Feelings and analysis:

  • Counting my development pieces throughout FMP made me realise how little I had achieved and how far I still had to go. It was suggested that, over the eight weeks of the project so far, I should have achieved over 50 development pieces. From counting, I know I am on 30, which represents having only achieved half of what I should have.
  • I was then given the challenge of filling a 40 page sketchbook in two days. I feel excited and motivated for this, with the understanding that it will push my grade forward and allow me to develop my ideas before designing my final piece.
  • To problem solve my lack of development pieces so far, I feel motivated and challenged to complete the 40 page sketchbook.

What I have learned and how it will help me in the future:

  • Being in a position where I had to count my development pieces made me realise how far I had to go. This was beneficial in encouraging me to push myself to fill a 40 page sketchbook in two days to meet the development criteria. This will overall help my grade, as well as developing me as a creative. I believe this task has reinforced the importance of development, so now it will always be on my mind.