Falling Dreams

Falling in dreams

  • Lost control of over a situation
  • Mental issues have been neglected
  • Losing balance – personal problem, unstable, need grounding, find ways to become more confident with people and yourself
  • Being pushed – is something pushing you to your limits, overworking, doing something against your will, being a ‘push over’, when we can’t see the person pushing us it is usually a part of ourselves we don’t want to look out for
  • Lost grip – need to get solid ground in waking life, not in full control and it is unconsciously affecting your life
  • Holding on – means you are trying to fix a situation you have no control over
  • Remembering how you fell in the dream can suggest what needs to be fixed in your life. If you fell on your back – you need more support in life. If you fell on your hands – you need a hand from people that are close to you. If you fell in water you are emotionally breaking down and need to address your problem
  • Slipping – suggests you will eventually slip up in a situation you are in and it will cause emotional distress
  • On the edge – suggests you need to slow down with life and take it one day at a time, you need grounding physically and spiritually
  • Landing at the bottom – ending of something in your life, something you need to get to the bottom of