Liverpool Trip

Walker Gallery:

Things from the Craft and Design gallery:

  • Innovative chair design, ‘Every Home Should Have One’ – gives me the idea for every home should have dreams campaign, dreams help life/the home?
  • The history of mugs. Give me the ideas for the history of dreams, or the history of dream therapy/dream interpretation – could be shown through a series of paintings or illustrations, perhaps objects that symbolise the progression of dream therapy.

Pieces linking to specialism:

  • Dollhouse – could create a house of dreams using symbolic objects that represent dreams that help people and how. Could use figures to help communicate this.

Pieces that help with FMP:

  • Famous artworks created out of lego – gives me the idea to use lego as a material or technique for my FMP outcome.
  • Dual exposed images – could be interpreted to represent lucid dreaming.
  • Creating business out of paper – busy dreams, tangled dreams.
  • Busy, detailed drawing – could do something similar, communicating a busy subconscious mind, creating dreams.
  • Surrealist black and white film – create surrealist, dreamlike film?
  • Linking to above idea, I could use additional 3D elements in connection to the film, adding more depth and dimension as shown below. Film could focus on hands and feet (or just limbs) as a way of representing the mind physically creating dreams.


  • Dream-like Victorian painting – technique.


  • I could show the progression and development of dreams helping a person through similar boxes to below. I could combine this idea with the dolls house idea.


  • Falling in dreams – falling from roof. Instillation idea.


Interesting display methods:

  • Instillation space, surrealism
  • Using magnets to create something, interactive piece, create your own dreams, works with idea of prescribed dreams.


The FACT Gallery:

Things to help with FMP:

  • Falling in dreams, falling down stairs, tripping, clinging on.

Interesting display method:

  • Interactive game, game of dreams/dream game?



International Slavery Museum:

Things to help with FMP:

  • Instillation space, can walk and sit in. Room for prescribed dreams?
  • Patterns on the walls out of textiles, detail.
  • Falling in dreams, falling from heights.



Free time:

Spending £1:

  • Gemstones are thought to have certain properties that help the mind. Some encourage lucid dreaming, these could be used in my exhibition space in relation to the prescribing dreams idea.
  • Normal on the outside, interesting and mystical on the inside, symbol for a normal head with interesting dreams on the inside
  • This gemstone is said to encourage lucid dreaming if placed under the pillow.



Tate Liverpool:

Things to help with FMP:

  • Tiny, symbolic photography. Stood out in the room due to the contract within the image – the black on the white, which intrigued me. Strings pulling the figure on each side, could use the idea with a concept of the subconscious mind pulling the conscious – trying to make it understand and interpret the dreams.


  • Meaningful, simple, symbolic photography.
  • William Blake, dreamlike concept, concept development.
  • Falling in dreams, illusion.


Interesting display method:

  • A piece that you can walk all the way around.
  • Links to dreams by being a bed, the dreams Tracy had during the breakdown. Could create something similar using objects that symbolise meaningful dreams.
  • Interesting composition, stands out in the room.
  • (Second image) I could do something similar by creating a long, disfigured brain and using symbolic imagery around it to communicate the idea of dreams.
  • Shows stages, could do something similar showing the stages of dreams.


  • Hidden behind patterned curtain. I could do something similar for an instillation, create a room from curtains, use dream-like patterns on the curtains.