Liverpool Reflective


Feelings and analysis:

  • I was excited for the Liverpool trip as I knew it would benefit me greatly. Prior to the trip, I lacked ideas for my outcome, but seeing many artworks in various galleries on the trip helped this and provided me with many ideas to work with.

What went well/badly:

  • I found the Walker Gallery really successful for inspiration as there were many contemporary works and techniques that I could use for my outcome. For example, I noted the dolls house and began thinking how I could create something similar in relation to dreams, using symbolic objects and figures. This would link largely into my specialism of interior design also.
  • The children’s room in the gallery was really useful too. I found a large pencil structure that the children could play in which encouraged me to consider an interactive space. I also found an interactive, magnetic dress-up pieces that I could perhaps use in relation to the idea of prescribed dreams and creating the dream you need to help overcome a problem, similar to aspects of ‘The BFG’.
  • I also found the Tate to be really inspiring as here I saw many unconventional display methods. I know from ideas I gained from the Walker Gallery that I want my piece to be interactive, but some of the pieces in the Tate developed this by giving me display ideas. For example, I consider Tracy Emin’s ‘My Bed’ and wonder how interesting it would be if it were interactive.
  • Spending one pound on something relating to my concept helped me consider other ideas for my outcome. I discovered a gemstone shop and discussed with a member of staff which gemstones were good for dreams. She pointed out many that were good for insomnia and lucid dreams. This encourages me to use some of these gemstones in my exhibition to help communicate the idea of dreams helping a person, just as gemstones are believed to.

What I have learned and how it will help me:

  • The Liverpool trip help develop my ideas for my final outcome and provided numerous inspirations and artist references.
  • Moving forward, I will begin planning some designs for my final outcome, many of which will be ultimately inspired by elements I have seen or discovered on the trip.
  • The trip has reminded me how important visiting galleries is. I now feel ready for final piece making, whereas before the trip I had very few ideas of what I wanted to do.