Crystal Healing Research

  • From the spend one pound challenge in Liverpool, I encountered crystals and their ‘healing’ properties or uses. I found that many of the gemstones had a relation to sleep and dreaming, which inspires me to maybe use them in my final outcome.

Crystals to improve dream recall


  • Allows messages to come through our third eye, making communication clear, allowing easy recall and interpretation of our dreams

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Dream Quartz:

  • Calming properties which encourage sleep
  • Attracts patterns and stories that you are thinking about and tell you a dream story to help guide you on your path
  • Releases the negatives in dreams
  • Improves recall after awakening

dream crystals


Herkimer Diamond:

  • Encourage memory and interpretation of dreams – helps remember the messages and stories in dreams

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Crystals for lucid dreams and dream recall

Ametrine, Azurite, Clear Quartz

  • Dream wisdom
  • Opening up the intuitive potential of dreams
  • Amplifies vividity of dreams
  • These crystals are believed to work if placed under the pillow at night.
  • It is believed necessary to hold the stone in your left hand and asking it to bring dreams to help discover the correct path
  • Some people make crystal dream pillows with the addition of fragrant herbs
  • Sage – clears out bad dreams and negative energy
  • Sweetgrass – invites animal totems into dreams
  • Frankincense – bestows peace and serenity – good for insomnia
  • Valerian Root and Kava Kava – good for insomnia and encourage deep sleep and dreams

This research has given me ideas for final pieces, perhaps including them in an instillation piece. I will now research how other artists have used gemstones in artwork.

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