Peer Critique on Final Designs Reflective


Feelings and analysis:

  • Getting critique from peers is always insightful because my initial ideas are bounced around and pushed further. My peers are incredibly creative people and their input is always taken on board to improve my ideas.
  • I enjoy critiquing other student’s work as well as I find it inspiring to hear their passion for their pieces, as well as seeing them taking my suggestions and developing them to overall push their ideas too.

What went well/badly:

  • The suggestions I received were to simplify my design a little as it was appearing cluttered with too much going on – if it was supposed to be a therapy room, it needs to be relaxing and comfortable, not busy and distracting.
  • Myles suggested that, instead of using short film clips, I could use voice clips, similar to those ones often given to insomniacs who have trouble getting to sleep. This would remove one of the many visual elements and replace it with a sound which would be subtler and simpler to create.
  • Euan suggested using a massage bed or therapy bed instead of a dentist chair as this will develop the therapy room idea. He also said to hang the curtains from a rail, similar to those found in real doctors surgeries, as this plays on the idea of being prescribed a dream.
  • I took this ideas on board and believe my peer’s were beneficial to pushing my idea forward.

What I have learned and how it will help me:

  • Overall, I have been presented with many additional ideas that have taken my ideas on a developmental journey, which will push my outcome forward and benefit my final exhibition.