Exhibition Idea From Past Tutorial

‘Explore idea of creating instillations, like botanical gardens research, where people can enter a place that feels like the dream’

How dreams feel:

  • Distorted (distorted mirrors?)
  • Real (contrast)
  • Faded and blurry
  • Confused
  • Jumpy (from scene to scene)


Click to enlarge image nawa-2.jpg:

Relative Self - See Yourself in Reflections of others:

A Huge Abandoned Bowling Alley in Santa Fe Has Been Turned into an Immersive Art Environment Now Open to the Public:

Tree Of Life Dream Catcher Wall Hanging/Copper Tree/Ice Flake Quartz…:

3D wire sculptures by Fritz Panzer. I would like to see this in real life as it just becomes a 2d image again in the photo:

Norvz Austria channels abstract concepts of life that plague people and turns them into surreal works of digital art. These concepts include the constant passing of time, internal emptiness and the confusing array of paths a person can take in life. Norvz Austria illustrates these ideas through the use of clocks, doors and clouded picture frames.:

My designs:

Design 1:

  • Walk up a couple of stairs as though you are walking into a dream space
  • At the top is a huge dream catcher with the webbing made to look like a tree (reminiscent of the dream tree from ‘The BFG’)
  • Dark space, lights behind dream catcher to create a real dream feel of being confused and distorted but also realistic


Design 2:

  • Same idea as before but there are objects symbolic to the problems dreams commonly highlight tangled up in the web
  • These would be made from textiles or clay and illustration to add variation
  • The background space could be painted in a way to create some kind of scene to add depth to the piece