Final Design Development After Tutorial

  • Working with boxes idea from previous designs
  • Medicine boxes and pill boxes
  • Prescribed dreams
  • Doesn’t communicate idea successfully – works with fictional idea of what if we could prescribe dreams?


  • Prescribed dreams graphic in Doctor’s room with shelf with dream inducing medicines
  • Shelf again but positioned above a bed next to a dream catcher
  • Doesn’t communicate anything, lacks techniques


  • Dreams game, snakes and ladders but nightmares and dreams
  • ‘Journey to dreams helping you’
  • Loser and winners
  • Would be difficult to create successfully, fails to communicate my concept


  • Small sets displaying common dreams and the problem they symbol, stacked on top of each other
  • Could experiment with matchboxes – one side showing dream, the other showing what it symbolises which is how it can help the person


  • Large dream catchers showing the three most common symbolic dreams
  • Webbing representing the dream (e.g. dreaming of teeth falling out, webs are falling out of the hoop)
  • Doesn’t translate my concluded concept


  • Large dream catcher (hula hoop size?)
  • Web showing the dream (e.g the dream of falling – all the webbing has fallen to the bottom)
  • On the reverse side (divided in between) shows the problem falling dreams symbolise – losing control, webbing is messy and lost control of


  • Large dream catcher, webs symbolising the dreams, the handing parts symbolising the problem (falling dreams – webs falling to the bottom, lost control – handing elements lost control and messy)


  • Large dream catchers with the idea of the falling dreams and symbolic elements hung below, focuses on the different kinds of falling dreams as I have concluded these to be most common and helpful
  • Lost balance (unbalanced webbing) communicates a personal problem (personal items hung below)