More Final Idea Developments

  • From asking Mike and Annie
  • A space you walk through, walking through the day time side into the dream/night side
  • Doesn’t portray concept but has good instillation ideas
  • Cabinet of curiosities, draws inside draws – idea of looking deeper to find the meaning, seeking for it
  • Boxes with masks that the viewer puts their head in (idea came from a dream I had two days ago), each box portrayed something – the dream and the problem?
  • Developed into dreams set in the boxes, symbolic references falling out of the boxes?
  • Russian dolls – seeking further to find the dream
  • Russian dolls but with dream catchers?
  • Concluded the dream catcher actually represents the opposite of my concept


  • Paper cut artist idea – subconscious helping the conscious mind, intertwined paper cut or cut out of felt
  • Head with a see-through brain – you look into parts of the brain to see the dream. Doesn’t represent concept
  • Dream pharmacy – prescribed dreams
  • Fails to represent anything technical
  • Polystyrene head with fabric and textures pinned in and spreading away from the head
  • Fabrics tangling into jars as a way of organising them


  • Wadding through a large dream catcher like in a children’s play ground – again, the dream catcher doesn’t work and this doesn’t portray my concept
  • Felt jigsaw with the dream underneath, the dream helps piece together the daily life part – could work?
  • Stop motion similar to bed video, continuous line stitch into bed sheets, mobile hung above with symbolic features – mimics how important dreams are to a child
  • Stop motion of someone pushing clutter off their bed during a dream – de-cluttering their mind in their dream
  • Could be made into an advertisement for the pharmacy idea