Final Piece Developing Reflective


Feelings and analysis:

  • As I am creating and developing my final piece for tomorrow, I have become aware that it isn’t going to be completed in time. I have found that what I had planned to do is far more time consuming than I first anticipated, which means I will have to continue working on it past the deadline. I am lucky that I am able to do this and do not have to exhibit my piece for a few weeks yet.

What went well/badly:

  • Due to me lacking enough time to complete my final piece before the presentation, I am aware this is a time management issue.
  • My plan for my final piece has changed dramatically since the beginning of the week. I think that this threw me off balance as re-designing my piece so many times took longer than anticipated – leaving less time for my actual final piece making.
  • To problem solve, I will complete my piece in the upcoming days while remaining regretful that I left it past the deadline.

What  have learned and how it will help me in the future:

  • I have learned how essential back-up plans are. If a design is rejected or disproved, it is important to have other ideas ready. Had I done this, I would have saved enough time to complete my final piece.
  • This mistake has ensured that, in future projects, I will develop a number of different design ideas that I would be happy to take forward into creating. This would ensure that I have maximized the time available for actually creating the final piece.