Presentation Reflective


Feelings and analysis:

  • I found peer feedback following my presentation to be really effective. Understanding my strengths and weaknesses from the audience’s point of view enabled me to evaluate how my presentation had been received, and which parts of my project were successful and unsuccessful.

What went well/badly:

  • From the feedback, I understand that my strengths fall in research – considering both secondary and primary, as well as looking at different areas such as fiction and scientific. I considered different genres of development in terms of literal and abstract contexts. I am good at problem solving – for example, understanding that my project wasn’t working when put into literal contexts so I turned to abstract. I was able to step back when considering my final piece ideas and understand that the prescribed dreams idea was unsuccessful because it was entirely fictional which would have difficult to translate in the exhibition.
  • Alongside this, I know my weaknesses fall in working under pressure, as I did not get my final piece finished before the presentation. This was arguably due to time management issues, as well as having to stand back from my ideas at the beginning of the week and assess and reformulate new ideas. This consumed a lot of time, however I am glad this occurred as I now realise how unsuccessful some of my previous ideas would have been.

What I have learned and how it will help me in the future:



  • I have learned where my strengths and weaknesses are within this project and how they appear to an audience. I am able to assess my own strengths and weaknesses, but having someone else identify them reinforced this and highlighted some new areas too.
  • Overall, my presentation went well. I fear I missed some essential parts of my project out, however I know they are depicted on my blog. This presentation has boosted my confidence in presentations which will help me when I come to present at university.