Pro Monitor Review

My current attendance for the course is 93%, meanwhile my punctuality is 100%.

Since January, both my practical and analytical skills have improved immensely. I have maintained my reflective journal throughout this time, which has majorly enabled me to improve my problem solving and analytical skills. In addition to this, my practical skills have developed and progressed over the past five months due to constantly creating development pieces and initiating new ideas for my project.

My time management since January has been okay. I have kept on top of targets and deadlines, however I am aware I have done this by leaving some things until the week or a few days before. This was unnecessary stress that could have been avoided had I completed the work in plenty of time. On the other hand, I know that I work better under pressure. In conclusion, I believe I need to find a balance between working consistently throughout the term and working better under pressure.

One of my SMART targets was to extensively develop my ideas before moving to the final piece stage. I believe I achieved this during the challenge to complete a 40 page sketchbook in two days. Doing this enabled me to record ideas and develop them illustratively, before moving some, if any, into the final piece development stage.

My longterm SMART targets were to succeed in the course and pass with high grades. I believe I am on track to achieving this if I maintain my current work ethic and continue working hard until the final deadline.

This year, I have enjoyed life drawing. This class helped develop my drawing skills through practicing with proportions and experimenting with various materials. I used life drawing class as a quiet time to zone out of my project – to experiment freely while reflecting on the day or week. This was really helpful for me and ensured I remained partially de-stressed throughout.

Next year, I look forward to moving to university and beginning the next stage of my education. I think university will be a good time for me to develop both as a person and as a creative, while building on the skills I have learned throughout the duration of this course. I look forward to new skills, new friends, and a new place.