Dream Stop Motions

  • Made for advertisement – quality and length, mine needs to be a similar standard.


(Dream starts at 1.00)

  • Comical – I don’t want mine to be amusing, I want it to have a serious emotive
  • Used Plasticine to mold the features of the dream – creates a contrast between the real life (black and white, not stop motion) and the dream (colour stop motion)
  • I like the idea of this contrast, however I think I would alternate it – black and white dream, colour day (if I am to incorporate the day)
  • Coloured hands, brighten contrast so iPads stand out. Textiles connecting iPads, black and white, texture, figures incorporated to reflect the real life or the dream?


  • Uses mini mannequin
  • This is a good idea for the figure I want to incorporate in the textiles to convey the action that happens in the dream, next to the iPad that conveys the meaning of the dream in bright colours (bright colours to show that the interpretation is the part of the dream that is helpful)


  • Uses figures and actual bed
  • If hands don’t work well enough to portray the interpretation, I will turn to figures