Euro-pinion Reflection

The Euro-pinion project was intended to show our research and conceptual thinking capabilities. I expected to build upon researching skills, which I feel I largely improved as I learned that if I spend too much time researching different small aspects of a subject, it is easy for me to get lost and confused.

The outcome of the project was a presentation. Having always struggled with presentations in the past, I found it immensely difficult and felt overruled by nerves. I regret not giving myself enough time to plan and practice, as doing this would have boosted my confidence. In addition to this, I would have liked to have given myself more time to create interesting visuals with a range of techniques. In hindsight, more time and preparation was needed.

I feel that repeating presentations will eventually help me gain confidence. Also, I should remember to choose a topic I am deeply passionate about as this will make it easier to display devotion to an audience. Finally, I should work on my confidence with standing up in front of people perhaps outside of college. To do this, I could practice presenting in front of my family or friends and slowly work up to larger crowds.

To conclude, I feel monotone in regards to this project – I neither loved nor hated it, but I was not overly passionate about it. There are a number of aspects I could improve on if I were to repeat the project, however, I await the new brief with intrigue and excitement.