Key Research:

  • Dream journal
  • Questionnaire
  • ‘The BFG’ – prescribed dreams
  • ‘Inception’ – creation of own dreams, lucid dreaming
  • Dream interpretation, why we dream

Why do we dream

Falling in dreams

Key Development:

  • Felt making, mark-making, abstract
  • Literal
  • Subconscious dreams helping conscious mind, prescribed dreams

Final Piece Development:

  • Dream catcher, opposes concept
  • Prescribed dreams, dream therapy game, room, fiction
  • Dreaming de-clutters the mind
  • Kandinsky – abstract clutter
  • Rothko – calm

Final piece:


Concept Research Presentation

Train Station:-

  • Old/new Kendal
  • Circus train, carried elephants to Kendal annually
  • Local
  • Merging cultures, result of transport


  • Reflections
  • Vanity
  • Unnatural lighting – light that isn’t visible
  • Unnatural forms
  • Energy saving – economically friendly


  • Flooding in Kendal
  • Extreme weather
  • Natural damage – rebuilding

Walking around:-

  • Education systems, around the world
  • Retail patterns – online shopping
  • Mental illness
  • Mass production in media


  • Self improvement – mutilation
  • Plastic surgery

Age UK:-

  • Everything has come from somewhere
  • Museums
  • Show a story
  • Upcycling
  • Lost and found

Allen building:-

  • Academic vs creative minds
  • Identity and individuality
  • Discrimination of creative people

Walking around:-

  • Alter ego, own personality

My favourite of the concepts listed above are the circus train, unnatural forms, showing a story through upcycling, and discrimination of creative minds. I think each of these would be interesting to look further into to and perhaps develop a strong, focused concept from. For example, for the circus train idea I could research into the history of circus’s, the history of Kendal’s circus train, other artist’s interpretations of circuses and the way they represent them through art forms. I could perhaps look into people’s childhood dreams of being in the circus also.